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 Terms of delivery

All orders received and agreed with the customer will be delivered within 1 -5 business days in Riga and + 24h throughout Latvia. For questions related to the delivery of orders, please e-mail: info@lutini.lv

Deliveries are only made on weekdays - Monday to Friday, except for official holidays of the Republic of Latvia.

Delivery within Latvia for any paid order depends on the type of delivery - Delivery by courier (All Latvia -  6 Euro

By placing an order, you can choose one of the ways of receiving the goods:

    Delivery to Omniva,Venipak parcels - All Latvia 2.98 -3.63 euro, all parcel sizes
    Delivery in Riga - courier will deliver the item to your chosen addres 4.30 euro - Riga * From 72,60 euro - free;
    Delivery in the territory of Latvia - the courier will deliver the goods to your chosen address in the territory of Latvia starting  6.00 Euro

In order for Lutini to deliver within one business day, the customer must meet the following conditions:

    1. Delivery takes place from 09:00 to 18:00 local time. When placing an order, the delivery times indicated must be taken into account and the address at which the order can be accepted within the given day delivery time must be specified as the delivery address;
    2.The delivery address must be specified as precisely as possible. Additional information, such as staircase number and apartment number (for delivery to a multi-apartment house), is required to ensure delivery on time. If the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, the delivery terms indicated may be extended without notice;
    3.Enter the exact phone number to which the subscriber can call at specified delivery times. Usually, before the delivery, the courier contacts the customer by telephone, making sure that the customer is at the specified address and can accept the mail addressed to him / her. If the specified phone number is inaccurate or the number is not available to the subscriber, the specified delivery times may be extended without notice.
    4. At the time of delivery, the courier is entitled to ask you to produce a personal identification document (passport or driver's license) to verify the identity of the recipient and to record the last 5 digits of this document number.

During major sales campaigns or Christmas-New Year, delivery time may be extended. The more accurate delivery time in this case is in the email you received when you place your order.

If you have any questions regarding delivery terms in Latvia, please visit our information section. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the section, write to us at info@info.lv

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